The Green Library


The Green Library of Energy Efficiency opened as to mark the Europe Day at the Library of the Faculty of Law in Osijek. The Green EE Library donation within the Project of energy efficiency in Croatia (EE Project) supports the  DUNICOP project lead by the Faculty of Law in Pecs, Hungary and the Faculty of Law in Osijek, Croatia.

The opening of the seventh Green EE Libary  in the Repubic of Croatia at the Faculty of Law in Osijek is an event that would be useful not only  for  the academic public, the institution and its faculty but also for the citizens of the city of Osijek. The content of the EE project contributes to the DUNICOP Project, co-funded by the European Commission from the IPA cross-border cooperation programme between Hungary  and Croatia. The DUNICOP Project focuses on education and research in the above mentioned cross-border area in particular on environmental protection and sustainable development. Correlation of these two projects on the Europe Day shows our connection to European and universal values of environmental and planet Earth protection.

Zeek comprises various publications focusing on further education of experts, civil servants, students but also average citizens eager to learn more abour energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. Besides the EE information center in the passive solar building the city of Osijek received an additional source of energy efficiency information.

All these activities are conducted within the project of the Systematic Energy Management (SGE) resulting in systematic supervision of energy consumption in objects owned by the City but also a number of projects aiming at increasing energy efficiency and considerable financial and energy savings. Thus the city of Osijek sets an excellent example to its citizens when it comes to responsible and efficient use of energy and good living, which is the basis of sustainable development.

The EE project includes education on energy efficiency measures for students and the faculty through workshops of the Green office.

All publications and educational materials can be received at the Library reading room and are specially marked and indicated. The Library users can borrow these materials according to standard rules of library borrowings.

All publications can be electronically accessed on the internet pages of the EE project:

Green Library of energy efficiency

They can be required by a free info phone: 0800 200 170.

*National project of Promoting energy efficiency in Croatia (EE Project) is conducted by the UN Development Programme in Croatia (UNDP Croatia) in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning supported by the Fund for environmental protection and energy efficiency. The main goal of the project is the application of the pattern of continuous and systematic energy management, strategic energetic planning and sustainable management of energy resources at national (HIO programme), regional (SGE project) and local level. This leads to the decrease in energy costs, in energy consumption and in emmission of harmful gases in the atmosphere as well as to development of new activities and local entrepreneurship.